Time & Attendance

Designed to eliminate papers, spreadsheets, and archaic devices.

Dynamic time & attendance system that Intelligently sync data across payroll and core HR with 0 human interventions


Integrate, Capture and Monitor check-ins and out accurately

Attendance Policies

Set and activate policies by configuring them with strict or flexi set of rules in the system to suit your work culture and business goals.

Shift Management

Enable real-time integration with your existing biometric hardware for attendance management. This will save you time, effort, and cost on month-end struggles of attendance and payroll preparation.

Mobile Attendance

Keep your employees in the loop with our intuitive shift planner. It allows to create, manage, and schedule shifts effortlessly whether it is single, multiple or rotational.



One tap attendance anywhere, anytime any device

Auto Attendance

Mark attendance, Automagically. Our intuitive auto attendance management powered with GPS feature requires no manual intervention making the process of marking attendance fast and convenient.

Employee Self Service

Drive transparency through our new-age mobile application with an appealing interface that allows an employee and team leaders to access their metrics like attendance, punctuality, leaves, and team status.

QR Code Attendance

Now check in your work hours without the need for any hardware. Our new-age contactless attendance technology enables employees to mark their attendance using just a QR code.

Kiosk Attendance

Make it easier for your HR leaders to monitor and analyze attendance patterns by letting your employees check in and out their work hours at a dedicated workplace using a central kiosk.

Your Work Companion

Superapp to manage people, processes, and progress. Talent-focused enterprise.



Create, Configure, and Customise time-off policies to fit your needs

Take away the hassle and strain of manual updates. Make applying and approving leaves simpler through a unified, mobile-first module. Take away the hassle and strain of manual updates. Make applying and approving leaves simpler through a unified, mobile-first module.

Apply Leave

Empower your employee and introduce a mobile-first leave module which takes away the hassle of applying for leave in physical, email or text form. With WoCo, employees now can request time-off within seconds.


Leave Policies

With our flexible policy engine manage and configure any kind of leaves- paid, unpaid, sick, statutory etc. that adheres to your work culture and organisational goals.


Leave Approvals

Our mobile-first leave module enables greater transparency for the team leaders by letting them know who else has applied and is already on leave on a specific date. This allows judicious approval of leaves.