Employee Engagement

A platform created to stay connected, aspired, and inspired.

Build a community that empowers employees to Share a common bond of belongingness


Listen, Diagnose and Strategize to propel employee engagement in real-time

Keeping a close ear to each employee’s voice in any work environment is important but tedious. WoCo’s surveys & polls feature allow organisations to capture real-time feedback and actionable insights.

Design and launch customisable surveys that help you identify concerns quickly so you can find the resolution even quicker.



Nudge, Encourage, and Empower collectively through smart alerts

Stimulate a sense of connection and belongingness within your workforce. WoCo encourages work-life balance, punctuality and discipline through smart alert feature by identifying the concern and addressing it through notifications.

Send out personalised and tailored messages to enable self-improvement amongst employees.

Encourage punctuality, work-life balance and discipline through personalised messages tailored to enable self-improvement

Your Work Companion

Unlock great possibilities with our mobile app for your People,
Processes & Progress



We know you care! So let them know

Will it not be great if you can monitor employee sentiment and happiness on a daily basis? WoCo’s Rate your day functionality enables you to quantify and measure the pulse of your employee through end-of-the-day poll.

Prioritize and elevate the work culture of your organisation.